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The launch of Green-Up – a new purely natural energy drink from Poland

November 1, 2009

Poland seems to have a limitless potential for creating successful new brands within the energy drink category. Since the huge success of Tiger Energy Drink which has recently managed to overcome the internationally-acclaimed Red Bull, we have witnessed an array of local brands –  such as: R20, XL Energy Drink, Bullit – trying to cut out their portion of the growing market.


Green-Up's launch outdoor campaign / copy: Natural Energy

A few months ago a new local brand called GREEN-UP was launched by Herbapol company. What is interesting about this particular product is its unique benefit – it claims to be the only energy drink available in the market that is purely natural. Green-Up is made of fruit juice and guarana extract which contains a huge amount of coffeine. It contains no preservatives, no artificial dye, no artificial sweeteners, and no synthetic taurine.

The launch campaign of Green-Up that included outdoor and TV was prepared by PZL agency, while the new brand’s name and packaging was designed by Czteryczwarte agency. Green-Up’s pay-off says:  Natural energy. After 4 months since its introduction to the market Herbapol managed to secure a wide distribution – the new brand claims to have 1,4% of the market.


Green-Up print ad: pomegranate flavour

 Green-Up is available in three different flavours: pomegrante, tropical and cranberry. Green-Up’s launch started with outdoor campaign that included three different lay-outs  – one for each flavour of the drink.


Green-Up's print ad: Tropical flavour

Green-Up is a lightly sparkling drink sold in 250 ml cans which contain 80 mg of caffeine.  It means that one can of Green-Up delivers a comparable amount of caffeine to a cup of strong black coffee.


Green-Up's print ad: Cranberry flavour

A very nice website has been prepared for the launch of Green-Up – you may check it out at:


Green-Up's website:

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