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36.6’s new commercial – the beetle has survived the shooting…

August 30, 2009

This time just a short post on a new cool commercial from 36.6, the pay-as-you-go mobile network for young people that was launched in Poland last year. I discussed the communication strategy and the previous campaigns of 36.6 in one of my earlier posts – you may check it out here.  The TV campaign that was aired in June and July 2009 introduced the new offer with two main benefits: free-of-charge internet and 0,29 PLN per minute for all phonecalls.

The tagline of the campaign is:  Probably you don’t deserve a present, but you shall get it from us anywaythe free-of-charge internet for topping up your account and 0,29 PLN per minute for all phonecalls.

Well, so we got a guy who crushed a poor little beetle (although there’s a subtitle in the spot claiming that no beetle was harmed during the shooting of this commercial…), while in the second spot entitled “Avalanche” we have another guy who certainly doesn’t deserve any presents 😉  He lets a fart that brings about an avalanche…

Company: Polkomtel  /  Brand: 36.6
Advertising Agency:  Team One Warsaw, Poland
Art  Director:  Aneta Szeweluk-Skarbek
Copywriter:   Piotr Skarbek
Creative Director:  Artur Dynowski
Director: David Popescu
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