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Biedronka supermarkets and its talking products commercials

August 23, 2009

Biedronka [it means “Ladybird” / “Ladybug ” in Polish] is the biggest chain of discount supermarkets in Poland owned by a Portuguese company Jeronimo Martins. There are over 1350 supermarkets under Biedronka’s well-recognized logo across Poland and the company has over 27 000 employees.  Biedronka’s brand pay-off  is: Low Prices Everyday [Codziennie niskie ceny] which matches the entire communication of the brand focused on low prices.


Biedronka also publishes its own TV Guide called Kropka TV. In 2009 Biedronka entered the mobile telecom category as it launched a MVNO brand Tu Biedronka with the claim Cheap Phonecalls Everyday.


The long-lasting campaign concept for Biedronka’s TV commercials created by Publicis Warsaw is based on the idea of showcasing the Biedronka’s products as living creatures that talk to each other, have feelings and emotions. For example in the following spot the cucumber orders the potatoes to undress, however the potatoes are shy and don’t want to be naked in front of strangers…

The main goal for the advertising agency was to improve the image of Biedronka’s product and show them as high quality products.  In another commercial scrammbled eggs talk to each other while being fried in a pan.

Two sausages on a plate are discussing the whereabouts of the mustard before being consumed.  Biedronka’s spots always end with the slogan: Biedronka’s products recommend themselves for … [the ending is changed to suit the products in the particular spot – e.g.:  for: grill, parties, Xmas, baking, holidays, etc.

Another great spot features two cans of meat – one of the cans admits that its boyfriend invited her for camping holiday and probably expects her to be open with him…

One cracker asks the othere where other snacks have gone.  The other cracker answers: They went into deep.

Here we’ve got two halves of an orange discussing how improtant it is to find your other half who understands you perfectly. The single cherry that overhears the discussions begings to weep.

The vegetables are trying to find out what is planned for the dinner. The garlic who checks the recipe answers that  it’s completely Chinese which in Polish means “I have no clue”.  The spot ends with the claim:  Biedronka’s products recommend themselved for Chinese dishes.

The traditional Polish dish called “Leniwe” (means “lazy”) stars in this awarded commercial of Biedronka.

Finally, the TV spot that launched the Tu Biedronka mobile network – vegetables have some problem with the smell of garlic and decide that it’s better to keep in touch with him by the phone…

Advertising agency: Publicis Warsaw, Poland
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