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IKEA and its notable local campaigns for Polish market

May 3, 2009

IKEA, the Swedish home products retailer, had some pretty successful local campaigns in Poland over the last couple of years. The current campaign that started in February 2009 seems very untypical for this Scandinavian brand. PZL, a renowned Polish advertising agency won the IKEA account in Poland and prepared this surprising campaign with the new claim “Ty tu urządzisz” which can be translated as “Here you arrange!“, but the similarity of some verbs in Polish suggests also another option: “Here you rule!“.  The new IKEA campaign began with a TV spot that takes us back to the ancient Egypt where Cleopatra is interrupted by her bossy mother-in-law who as a typical mother-in-law tries to intimidate her son’s wife and critisizes the furniture arrangement of the chamber. Then she points out that Cleopatra’s throne is not sturdy enough. Cleopatra gives her that piercing glance.  The mother-in-law instantly backs out and admits: But it’s your throne!  The voice-over concludes the video with the campaign’s slogan: Here you arrange!

At this moment a follow-up to this campaign is being aired on Polish TV – this time it’s set in the medieval castle where King Arthur has a little chat with his over-protective mother. The mother criticizes the round table and insists that he should get a table that would instantly show his rank. King Arthur remains silent while his mother goes on about the hard chairs and the nice pillows which she is going to arrange for him. She also recalls that as a little boy Arthur loved to sit on a pillow. In the end she comes up with this fabulous idea of knitting special covers for the armour of King Arthur and his knights, so that they don’t scratch the furniture with it. This is obviously too much for King Arthur who is on the edge of showing his disapproval. The mother cuts and says: Nevermind, you’ll decide

Advertising agency: PZL Warsaw  / Creative Director: Iwo Zaniewski 
Production: Graffiti   / Postproduction: Platige Image

There is also a special on-line game created that was promoted on IKEA’s Polish website where you can arrange the furniture in Cleopatra’s palace against the actions of the bossy mother-in-law. You may check the game at:

IKEA's on-line game "HERE YOU ARRANGE!"


Another famous IKEA campaign that run in Poland some time ago had the slogan: Better life starts at home. The concept for all TV commercials was very simple – each spot showed an incredible story which started with the purchase of some IKEA product that propelled the successful sequence of amazing events which led to the final happy ending.  It was a very low-cost production based on stock footage. 

For example, the story of the below spot: (1) you can’t sleep well on your old couch; (2) so you buy a new BEDDINGE sofa at IKEA; (3) It’s really comfortable and you can finally sleep properly – so you feel great and you look great; (4) a famous photographer spots you in a street and invites you to a photo-session in Peru; (5) while in Peru, you go for a baloon trip, but you crash in the middle of the jungle; (6) you live with a family of ant-eaters for 12 days before you are rescued; (7) at home you write a book about ant-eaters which becomes a worldwide bestseller; (8) Not too bad as for just 949 PLN – IKEA – Better Life Starts At Home.

Another spot tells a story of a guy who saves the world from a collision with a giant meteor because he bought a BESTA bookcase at IKEA.

A woman who purchased IKEA’s FAKTUM kitchen starts a story of her son who grows very tall, becomes a successful basketball player in the USA. Then he invents a new sandwich with cabbage for a fastfood chain which sponsors him. This sandwich becomes a worldwide hit and thus Polish farmers become very rich as the demand for cabbage grows rapidly. The son becomes a national hero in Poland. Not too bad as for just 144 PLN per month.

The last commercial of that series tells a story of a woman who bought a BJURSTA table at IKEA and this led to a sequence of events resulting in her disovering a new species of fish, being showed on TV all over the world and thanks to that reuniting with her first love who returns from Australia.

Advertising agency: Leo Burnett Warsaw
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