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“It’s Better Together” – the image campaign of Plus mobile network

March 28, 2009

Plus GSM is one of the three original Polish mobile networks. The brand was launched in 1996.  In 2009 Plus claimed to have over 14,4 million users which made it  #1 mobile network in Poland.  Back in 2007 Plus started its last big image campaign which introduced the brand’s new claim: It’s Better Together  [in Polish: “Razem Lepiej“]. This multimedia campaign was prepared by JWT Warsaw and consist of three different creatives which portrayed the key brand values.

The TV campaign started with this spot, directed by Johan Brisinger, showing a very emotional situation between the son and his old father. The son  is too busy at work to answer his father’s phonecalls. When he finally answers the phone, he finds out that his dad is at the hospital.  He rushes there and discovers an empty room… Eventually it all ends up well. The voice-over says:  May you never fell short of time to show your feelings .  

The spots feature highly recognizable music themes from Once Upon A Time in America & Friends by Ennio Morricone.

Print lay-outs for Plus image campaign - the copy: May you never fell short of time to show your feelings

Print lay-outs for Plus image campaign - the copy: May you never fell short of time to show your feelings

The second TV spot, that followed after the sad son-father story, is connected with Plus’s long-term sponsorship of Polish national volleyball team. It shows the players helping a family whose car got broken in the middle of the road. The commercials ends up with voice-over comment:  There are some things in life which you can only achieve together.

The third image spot of this campaign shows a little boy who shares a candy he got at school with his younger brother.  The voice-over comments:  Happy is the man who can share with others.

The campaign’s goal was to shift the brand image from distant modern & technology brand to a closer brand that helps people be together and stay in touch.

advertising agency: JWT Warsaw
art director: Patryk Kościelniak
copywriter: Mikołaj Pawlak
photography: Nadav Kander
creative director: Darek Zatorski
media agency:  Universal McCann
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