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Popular music tracks in Polish TV commercials – part 1

March 17, 2009

Some music tracks are used as vehicles that make a commercial more outstanding and easier to recall.  In such cases it’s very important that a selected music piece is easily recognized and liked by the target group, and can be associated with the brand as well as evoke positive emotions. 

Nałęczowianka, a local brand of mineral water, launched this image campaign using the infectious REM‘s tune “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” but provided it with new Polish lyrics that tell the story of a secret mineral spring in the middle of the forrest.

Era, Polish mobile network which is partly owned by T-Mobile, employed Last Goodnight‘s hit single “Pictures of You” – the campaign was so strong that it catapulted the song back to the radio stations’ playlists.

In other cases commercials promote music tracks to become major chart hits. That’s what happened with Amanda Lear‘s song “Enigma” which featured in a  highly successful TV campaign of Kinder Bueno which started in 2004 and continued for several years.. Kinder Bueno is a premium chocolate bar produced by Ferrero. The campaign’s goal was to change the perception of Kinder Bueno from a kid’s sweet into a more adults’ relish.  Amanda Lear’s sexy, low-pitched voice and seductive lyrics made the TV spot a pleasure to watch and listen to. The song quickly became the most sought-after piece of music, hit the Polish charts and radio playlists many years after it was recorded.

Lech, a popular Polish upper-mainstream beer brand associated with fun, music and clubbing, employed a popular 1990s hit “Unbelievable” by EMF  in its 2004 TV campaign “It’s happening!” – the spot shows the reverse sequence of events.

Another Lech beer‘s commercial of 2003 called Lech’s Calling brought back the classic smash hit “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” by The Clash. The spot was set in the bar where the two intimidated bar-tenders are faced with a unexpected invasion of customers who felt the sudden urge for Lech.

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