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Hortex and its fruit & vegetable imaginary world created by Carl Warner

March 8, 2009

Hortex is a Polish brand with a very long tradition that dates back to the 1940s.  Now Hortex boasts a total brand awareness of 97%  in Poland.  The Hortex company is focused on two areas of FMCG production: (1)  juices, nectars and fruit drinks, and (2) frozen fruit and vegatables. In November 2008 Hortex started a long-lasting TV campaign in Poland with the goal to strengthen its brand image with associations to nature, good quality and expertisie in fruit and vegetables. Euro RSCG Warsaw that is Hortex’ leading advertising agency hired the renowned English director and photographer Carl Warner to create a tempting imaginary world of fruit and vegatables for Hortex.  The collaboration with Carl Warner turned out to be very fruitful and produced three beautiful spots complemented with a catchy tune called “Lovely Place” which quickly become a most-wanted MP3 in Polish internet.

I   TV spot:  Hortex Classic Juices – slogan: Made of the best fruit and vegatables

II  TV spot:  Hortex Vitaminka [Mixed fruit & vegatable juices with extra vitamins ]

III TV spot:  Hortex Frozen Vegetables

Apparently the song “Lovely Place” featured in all these spots became so sought after by Internet users that Hortex decided to launch a special website  where you can download the tune, watch again all the spots, play some games and read more about Hortex products.

Hortex' Lovely Place website - created by Artegence

Hortex' Lovely Place website - created by Artegence

advertising agency: Euro RSCG Warsaw

media agency: Mediaedge:cia

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