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LOT Polish Airlines welcomes the Dreamliners to its fleet with a new image campaign

August 16, 2012

The quick and unexpected success of OLT Express airline  in the domestic market (unfortunately it has just ended with a bunkruptcy of OLT ) forced LOT Polish Airlines, the flag carrier of Poland, to launch its first major image campaign in years.

The assembly of LOT’s first Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The airlines is awaiting the delivery of the brand new Boeing 787s – the so-called “Dreamliners” – and it shall be the first European airline to have these aircrafts in October 2012.  The beautiful TV spot that premiered in May 2012 introduced LOT’s new brand claim: Our horizon is future.


The TV and cinema campaign is supported with print campaign – the ads bear a somewhat surprising headline: The Most Modern Airline in Europe.  In fact LOT has recently replaced some of its older aircrafts used for European routes and thus now it can communicate that its fleet that operates these routes is the most modern – the average age of its European fleet being below 5 years.

LOT’s print advert with the headline: The Most Modern Airline in Europe


Alice is lured to Wonderland to taste the new Redd’s Cranberry beer

July 24, 2012

Redd’s – the popular fruit-flavoured beer targeted to women in Poland – has just added a new limited edition cranberry flavour to boost sales during the crucial summer season.  The newly-launched Redd’s Cranberry is the 4th compliment to the standard Redd’s range which consists of: Redd’s Apple, Redd’s Sun (tropical fruit) and Red’s Red (raspberry) – the cranberry variant is packaged in black cans and thus the accompanying slogan:  Black but Red.

copy:   New. Black but Red of cranberry flavour

The Redd’s Cranberry launch campaign is the second installment of Redd’s new advertising format that was introduced last year under the tagline: Curiosity – the first step to Redd’s.  The TV spot is a beautifully surreal dream sequence that skillfully employs the imagery associated with the famous novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The heroine is attracted by a mysterious man wearing a White Rabbit’s mask and falls down a Rabbit Hole while following him…


As in the last year’s campaign, the girl is tempted to drink Redd’s beer and obviously she isn’t able to resist her curiosity.  After tasting the Redd’s Cranberry a lavishly decadent party begins and the girl discovers that behind the White Rabbit mask there’s a pretty handsome guy…

… Thus the brand’s promise has been nicely accomplished – the girl’s curiosity led to her first tasting of the new Redd’s Cranberry, but it may have also initiated a romance.  The campaign combines TV advertising with online activities that are centered around Redd’s Facebook fanpage (over 176 000 followers) and its minisite:

The campaign was prepared by GREY Warszawa, the spot was produced by Papaya Films and directed by Mark Wilkins.  Below you may check the “making of” material from the shooting of the TV advert.

Mike Tyson embodies the power of Black Energy Drink

June 30, 2012

Last summer I described here in my blog how it happened that FoodCare’s Tiger Energy Drink evolved into Black Energy Drink.  Almost a year passed and now we witness the first big budget, celebrity-endorsed campaign effort which is a clear attempt to boost the awareness of the new brand and win back the customers who remained loyal to Tiger Energy Drink, a brand which now belongs to Maspex, FoodCare’s main rival in the energy drink category.  The decision to hire a famous ex-boxer Mike Tyson as the brand ambassador recalls the origins of Tiger Energy Drink which was endorsed by Dariusz “Tiger” Michalczewski, a successful Polish boxer.


But as you may see in the first TV ad called “Black&White Room”, Mike Tyson is not his usual rough “beast” character – dressed in a white suit he plays the piano and sings a song about his buddy – a can of Black Energy Drink – which apparently has more guts than Mike himself…

Mike Tyson touts Black Energy Drink on TV, internet ads and on giant megaboards – the campaign’s slogan says:  That’s how Black works!  The tattooed face of Mike Tyson is also featured on a limited series of Black Energy’s cans called Mike Tyson Collection.

Black Energy Drink’s Mike Tyson Collection of cans

As the campaign with Tyson started, FoodCare also kicked off a new brand website for Black Energy Drink – you may check it out at:  http://www.blackpower.plAs the CEO of FoodCare announced, the hiring of Mike Tyson as the face of Black Energy Drink is also connected with his plans to launch the brand globally.   The second TV ad entitled “Black Service Vending Machine” features Mike Tyson as the un-typical service man for the Black Energy’s Vending Machine…


The campaign was created by Testardo Gram agency and planned by MindShare, while the digital part was prepared by Grupa 365 Net.  The spots were produced by Papaya Films and directed by Katarzyna Adamik.

Plus touts its offer for small businesses with a Dynasty-themed campaign

May 13, 2012

In 2011, Plus – one of the major mobile networks in Poland – introduced a new advertising format for communicating its business offer.  The campaign entitled Moda na Biznes [Business style] – which employs mostly TV ads and print advertising – parodies Dynasty, the notorious American prime-time soap opera of the 1980s which was also extremely popular in Poland in the early 1990s.  Dynasty was the TV show which defined how the Polish people had imagined the lifestyle of the rich businessmen in the early post-communist era.  Plus’ campaign brings to life the spirit of Dynasty in a pretty meticulous way – check out the introductory spot below which was modeled upon the “opening credits sequence” of the famous soap opera.


The campaign introduced several characters: Henryk – the Blake Carrington-kind of partriarch; Róża – his dignified and forgiving wife; Konrad – his eldest son; Klara – independent and dynamic owner of a small business; the deceitful and scheming Maks.

Plus print ad of the Business Style campaign

Every new TV ad was designed to move the storyline of the central characters forward with the typical soap opera fashion of schemes and love affairs, while simultaneously presenting the main benefits of Plus’ small business offering.  Check below the spot in which Klara and Maks are caught red-handed by Konrad, while discussing the Plus offer of internet transfer in smartphones for small businesses.


Klara, the young and attractive businesswoman, rose to prominence as the one who employs all the brand new solutions offered by Plus to run her company in a most efficient way – she also uses her charms to persuade the male characters to give it a try.


Below you may see the spot which announced the second season of the Business Style campaign.  The campaign was developed by Young & Rubicam Warsaw, while the spots were directed by Wojciech Smarzowski.

OLT Express is a new Polish airline that aims to conquer the skies

April 28, 2012

OLT Express is a new Polish airline that was established in 2011 after a company called Amber Gold took over two airlines: OLT Jetair (operating mainly on local Polish routes) and Yes Airways (a charter airline) and merged them together to form one airline called OLT Express. Regarding the domestic market, OLT Express is the first private Polish airline in several years time that may threaten the supremacy of the LOT Polish Airlines as well as the position of PKP Intercity, the slow and outdated railway service.

OLT Express commenced its operations in April 2012 with a schedule of 24 domestic routes from 9 Polish airports in Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw, Katowice, Lodz, Szczecin and Rzeszow.  This inauguration schedule was heavily promoted mostly with out-of-home advertising such as huge megaboards in the top locations of the cities.  The ads focused on the airlines’ attractive red-dressed flight attendants, the promo price of 99 PLN for a one-way flight and the airline’s claim: New Polish Airlines.

OLT Express megaboard ad in Lodz

During the last 2 weeks OLT Express was pretty busy announcing new european routes which shall be introduced in the airline’s Fall Schedule.  So far  there were announced: 5 new routes from Lodz (Barcelona, Edinburgh, Paris Orly, Rome Fiumicino and Frankfurt Hahn), 7 new routes from Rzeszów (Amsterdam, Dortmund, Hamburg, Munich Memmingen, Oslo, Paris Orly and Rome Fiumicino), 13 new routes from Gdansk (Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt Hahn, Hamburg, Cologne, London Gatwick, Marseilles, Munich Memmingen, Paris Orly, Reykjavik Keflavik, Rome Fiumicino, Venice and Verona)…

… 11 new routes from Bydgoszcz (Bristol, Cork, Dortmund, Edinburgh, Frankfurt Hahn, Liverpool, London Gatwick, Milan-Bergamo, Munich Memmingen, Newcastle, Paris Orly and Rome Fiumicino) and finally 17 new routes from Warsaw (Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt Hahn, Gothenburg, Hamburg, Cologne, London Gatwick, Lyon, Milan-Bergamo, Munich Memmingen, Munster-Osnabruck, Paris Orly, Rome Fiumicino, Saarbrucken, Stuttgart, Venice and Verona).  Well, a pretty heavy schedule for a new-comer!

Therefore OLT Express has just kicked off its first TV campaign to build brand awareness, brand image and push the Poles to book the new flights that have already been made available at the OLT Express website:


The TV campaign consists of three executions: two 45″ image ads (one for the mainstream clients and the other for the business target group) and a 15″ promotional ad.  The spots were shot in Gdansk, Cracow and Lodz with the use of its Airbus A320.  The new ads went on air on April 20, 2012.  The ads seem to recall the imagery of Virgin Atlantic’s commercials.

Advertising Agency:  Schulz Brand Friendly

Coca-Cola, Tic Tac, Wedel and Hyundai are getting ready for EURO 2012 in Poland

April 15, 2012

It is less than 2 months left before the biggest football event in Polish history begins on 8 June 2012 – the UEFA European Football Championship – all the major marketeers that are sponsors of the event or Polish National Football Team have already kicked off their main campaign efforts communicating their involvement with the event.  A few months ago I discussed here some early campaigns heralding the upcoming event, but now it’s time for the main advertising push.

Coca-Cola's Polish EURO2012-themed minisite

Coca-Cola which is the official sponsor of EURO2012 has launched its major football-themed campaign in Poland with people being magically transformed into the epitomes of football fans while watching the games on TV.


Tic Tac, the popular 2-calorie candy brand from Ferrero, extended its Freshness in Two Words campaign into EURO2012-themed marketing push which includes a special edition of white & red Tic Tacs which thus represent the colours of the Polish National Flag.


Tic Tac's EURO2012-styled Polish website

The Tic Tac’s campaign includes TV ads, but is also heavily supported in internet with a special edition of the brand’s website, Facebook activity and special video materials on the brand’s  YouTube channel.

Wedel, Polish flagship confectionary brand, is among the national sponsors of EURO 2012 – its current advertising campaign continues the animal-themed Factory of Pleasure format adopted from Cadbury, its former owner. In its latest TV ad cheerful animals perform the popular “Mexican wave” which is a common custom at football stadiums around the world.  The spot closes with the claim:  Join the Wave of Pleasure!


Hyundai, the Korean car brand, is the official Partner of UEFA EURO 2012 and therefore also released a TV ad which communicates the partnership to promote its new generation of Hyundai i30 model.  The campaign is also connected with contest for the people who make a test-drive of Hyundai i30 – they can win tickets for EURO2012 matches.

Retired football legends – Figo, Boniek & van Basten – star in the latest campaign for Tyskie beer

March 21, 2012

Tyskie – a light pilsner type of beer containing 5.6% alcohol by volume – is the most popular beer brand in Poland and a long time market share leader, but also an export brand which has won several prestigious awards in the brewing industry around the world. For a long time, Tyskie has been building an image of a brand that Poles could be proud of and therefore also it engaged in sports (e.g. sponsoring the Polish Olimpic Team) to boost the support for Polish sportsmen.  Now as the most important sports event in Polish history – the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine – is approaching, Tyskie which is not in any way associated with this event (a rival beer brand Warka is the official sponsor of Polish National Football Team) kicks off the biggest campaign in the brand’s history which stars three retired football legends: the Pole Zbigniew Boniek, Dutchman Marco van Basten, and Portugal’s Luis Figo.

copy: And you, will you cheer?

The campaign is designed to be a long-term effort which encourages Poles to support and cheer their team during the preparation period and the anticipated EURO 2012 tournament which is scheduled to inaugurate on 8 June 2012 on the newly-constructed National Stadium in Warsaw with the match Poland vs. Greece.  In the opening TV ad Boniek, Figo and van Basten invite all the Poles to meet at the biggest stadium in the world – the virtual one at – where anybody can find its place to meet with friends and cheer the Polish Team.


The campaign’s slogan – We Want To Cheer  [Chcemy Kibicować – in Polish] is also the address of the special campaign microsite which is the center of all online activities, such as the enrollment of all 908 existing Polish towns in the cheer-action and contest in which users can win personalized football fan gadgets.

Tyskie's campaign microsite -

Other activities within the campaign include merchandizing materials in the point-of-sale and a series of events in selected towns as well as the activation of brand’s Facebook fanpage, YouTube channel and a strong internet display campaign.  A press conference featuring Boniek, Figo and van Basten is also to be organized.

Kompania Piwowarska – Tyskie’s parent brewery – estimates that this year their beer sales will increase by a few percentage points above the average for the industry and Tyskie brand should be the main driver of that growth.

Advertising Agency:  DDB Warszawa (Poland)
BTL and Digital Agency:  Tequila Polska
Media Agency:  Starcom, Warszawa